Who we are:

We are committed to bringing you wholesome, safe, and gentle wellness products.  We grow as much as we can in our own gardens, and source the rest from ethical and clean suppliers.  We can make custom orders – just send us an email!

We are two women, based in the North Carolina Piedmont, who have a passion for living in harmony with our earth.

JJ finds joy in traveling all over the world because it gives her the opportunity to make meaningful connections. She has a passion for crafting personalized wellness products, and a special interest in sharing her Caribbean cultural traditions.

Sarah finds joy in cultivating beauty. Her lifelong interest in the natural world lends inspiration season after season. She spends endless hours in her gardens, nurturing heirloom plants and flowers.

Our unschooled children, ages five to thirteen, are our product testers, our labelers, our packagers, and our motivation.

Together, we combine our visions to achieve a beautiful and connected world. Each product is handmade with love and intention. We incorporate as many homegrown ingredients as possible and source our ingredients and packaging ethically.

From our garden to your home,
JJ & Sarah